Karibu MobilityTecnobrains

What we do

We will also offer

Outlet Every Dealer Survey(Outlet Universe Census)

We help your business to identify, and route existing and
potential customers,
What We Will do:
1. Understand your product penetration/availability.
2. Get to know your competion presence and retail market.
3.Get holistic market information on customers complaints
3. Get to understand your sellout and drop size for both your
products and competition
4. Locate your active and non active outlets
5.Determine your distributors selling points and strength
6.Understand competition strategy

Salesforce Automation

It goes without saying that poor execution at the point of sale can contribute to lost sales.

Mobilitytechnobrains provides solutions to support field sales management and field sales execution processes.

Sales Team Training

Training for excellence in Kenya and East Africa

We have well updated sales training content to drive sales.
We teach on modern RTM practices.
We take the teams for ground evaluations.
We have the best coaching apps for use by the team leaders.
We put proper reporting mechanisms in place.
Our training programs are highly effective and proven to deliver results.

Sales Team Management

We offer end to end sales team management, In Kenya and East Africa.

We recruit the best among the best, based on the task.We train based  on latest sales processes and technology.

We have stringent routines and on job follow-up based  on gold and green metrics to ensure sales target achievement.

We remove the workload from our clients on daily management of sales teams.

We advise on the best practices and implement the same to aid sales growth

We deploy best in class RTM processes to ensure service and products delivery.


Great execution starts with great people. We provide you with Retail Merchandisers that act as a link between buyers and the sales floor, ensuring the right stock is in the right place at the right time to maximize your sales and margin performance. Our team will ensure that the correct mix of your products are stocked and displayed, in order to achieve greater sales and maximize profits. Liaising closely with buying and store operations teams to make sure your stock is properly monitored and available at all times.


The company is supporting an ‘Order now , Pay later’ IT platform, fully geared towards and embedded in emerging markets. In 2023, the company partnered with Sevi innovations among the first 10 licensed Digital Credit Providers by CBK. Sevi enables a fully automated A.I-based Know your customer process and credit rating. The system relies on the trusted relationships between buyers and sellers , capturing the order between these parties. Based on this information, it automatically offers a suitable credit plan to the buyer. This automation reduces the cost and risk of providing small loans and enables the scaling of the model to millions of small businesses. 




Real-time Updates

With cloud hosting you get to see realtime updates from your field representatives and warehouse staff

Complete Business Automation

Road to market consultancy for a leading nation wide bakery and beverages distributor

Stay Organized

Keep your leads, clients and inventory organized in one place

Increased Productivity

The use of our software will increase your team's overall production with sales, shipments and warehouse staff.